Thursday, November 1, 2007

Five Beautiful Births!

1Remember this mama? She gave birth without medical intervention early last Sunday morning to a beautiful baby boy!

I'm waiting on news from several other friends:
- a mama having her second baby is at 38 weeks - the doctors are raising her hopes by saying "he's going to come any minute - he's right there!" Poor woman has been on pins and needles for the past 10 days. Why can't these doctors keep their mouths shut? Update 11/21/07 - Baby boy (!) was born this past Sunday at 41 weeks - no complications.

- A first time mama who is 41+ weeks. I'm thinking about writing her an email on the dangers on induction... Update 11/02/07 I sent her an email on the dangers of induction last approximately the same time as her son was being born at home!!!

- Another first time mama in Israel where the c/s rate is quite low, I've heard. I'm not too worried about her. A baby boy born early Sunday morning, 11/4/07!!!!

- Yet another first time mama in Sweden - also low c/s rates Baby also born early Sunday morning 11/4/07!!!!

I'll keep you updated!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear about the first mama you wrote about earlier :)